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Ron Klinger and Motivational Transitions
Presents a TESA EXCLUSIVE Webinar Series

"Getting YOUR House in Order-Unleashing You in 2018!"

Start the New Year off with Purpose!

The struggle is real. Today, more than ever, we are asked to do all, be all, for all. All the while, doing more with less! How is all of this even possible?

Be prepared to be highly engaged and entertained as we address methods for gaining awareness on how to manage the day, while leading for tomorrow. Strategies for how to approach each day with purpose, passion, and resolve will be shared.


No, this is not a session on how to get your home cleaned or to share the latest fad in home organization. This is, however, a power packed webinar that will help you get your house in order, enabling you to work towards a balanced approach to work/life, and equip you with tools, information, and resources that you can share with others.  The purpose of this webinar is to help you unleash the best of you and those around you in 2018!

Seats are limited...claim yours today!



December 28th

@ 9am-10:30am CST

Presented by

Ron Klinger
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About the Live Webinar...

For the discounted registration fee of $49.99 participants will...

  • Receive 3 CEOP Clock Hours.

  • Participants will be challenged to hit the pause button, reflect, and to commit to making well informed decisions in their lives.

  • Participants will be provided tools and resources to help address, and identify what matters most to them.

  • Participants will create a blueprint for success for 2018 and beyond!

Time left until webinar starts...

December 27th

@ 9am-10:30am CST


December 27th

@ 9am-10:30am CST

In order to meet the requirements to support earning clock hours (3), this is a two (2) part webinar series.  To receive credit you must attend and participate in both sessions of this webinar series.  Upon completion of the webinar series a certificate will be emailed, within 24 hours, to the address you use for registration. (See below)

To register, simply click on the "Claim Your Spot Now!" buttons.  You will be taken to the webinar providers website,  To register follow these simple three (3) steps below:

  • Step 1:  Go to Registration Link ("Claim Your Spot Now!")

  • Step 2:  Create your FREE WebinarNinja Account (enter Email and Password)

  • Step 3:  Register and Submit Payment 

Once you have registered you will receive an email notification of your registration.  As the webinar approaches the system will send you periodic reminders prior to the start of the webinar series. 

Note:  If you have any issues registering for this webinar, please visit the following website: Registration Assistance.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Ron Klinger at

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