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The title says it all, Motivational Transitions is a service oriented company dedicated to providing quality support through life's journey.  Be it for high school students, individuals, or organizations we customize our coaching, training, and support to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes for those we serve.

Whether you are the parent of a high school student, a new or seasoned professional making a career change or desiring more from your current work processes, or the leader of a team or organization, take a moment to learn about the support and services we have to offer below.

Leadership Development


In the coming years, the vacuum of leadership in our communities will be felt with the exodus of the baby boomers.  Preparing the next generation of leaders is our passion.  It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be of the millennial generation.  Are they prepared to lead us?  Are you prepared?   

Personal & Business Coaching


Life comes with challenges and decisions.  Sometimes the answers come easy, other times it requires a lot of time, energy and reflective processing.  That's where we come in.  Whether you are a young or seasoned professional, ones life journey may present an incomplete itinerary, or the journey  may simply come to a fork in the road. 

High School & College Students


The journey from high school to college is one that necessitates a game plan and course for purposeful action.  Utilizing a bridge building vision, we seek to promote a journey of self-awareness by providing coaching and support to high school students so they may become aware of their gifts, talents and strengths.

Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the intangibles in the workplace and in our society today.  We know what it looks like, but to articulate it, to live it, well, it is not that easy.  

Motivational Transitions is committed to serving the greater good and investing in the next generation of leaders.  From leadership coaching, to workshops and customized training solutions, we believe that, if willing, anyone can lead.  

  • Does your organization have a leadership plan for the changes that are taking place today?

  • Are you wanting to further develop your leadership potential? 

Leading...It starts with awareness.

Contact us today to explore how Motivational Transitions can help you and your business prepare and to develop the next generation of leaders.  




Motivational Transitions, and Ron Klinger, are proud to be a sponsor and to support the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce in building leaders in the community through the facilitation of the Leadership Clear Lake Program.  


  • Are you a chamber wanting to grow leaders in your community?  We can help!

To get a sampling of our leadership beliefs and philosophies, click play below to hear about leadership on the Unleashed Radio Hour, from host Ron Klinger.

Personal and Business Coaching


/kōCH/ > noun

noun: coach; plural noun: coaches

  • train or instruct.

  • give (someone) extra or private teaching.

  • teach (a subject or sport) as a coach.

  • prompt or urge (someone) with instructions.

The greatest of professional athletes, musicians, and performers had coaches to help them achieve excellence.  We provide coaching support that has YOUR desired outcomes in mind.  

Consider the following:

  • Are you looking at a career transition?

  • Not sure "what you want to be when you grow up"?

  • Feeling stuck in a rut with no idea of how to get out? 

  • Do you want more from life than you are current getting?

  • Do you want to grow your business or make a strategic goal become a reality but need support?

  • Would having an accountability partner that is NOT in your business help you move forward?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.  Our Individual Coaching services provides the support and guidance to help individuals gain confidence and to increase ones self-awareness to promote a fulfilled lifestyle.  This includes finding a healthy work-life balance between the work one does and the life one leads. 

Interested in learning more?  Contact us at, or visit our call us at 832.746.9760.

High School & College Students

For the last two decades we as a society have preached the following:

Graduate from high school>Go to college>Get a job

That formula is a good one, but not for everyone.  We believe in higher education and all that comes as a result of pursuing a post-secondary education.  However, with the significant shifts in workforce dynamics, we believe that high school students should explore their career options before considering their college choice.  


This process is completed in two forms:

  • One-on-one Career and College Coaching

  • Career and College Readiness Workshops


Students need to be more informed about the expectations and opportunities they have in pursuit of their dreams. As a result, students will make confident decisions about where to go to college, what major to choose, and how to study more effectively. With an increase in confidence comes a heightened level of  personal motivation needed to succeed in college and beyond. Ultimately driving ones ability to successfully persist, graduate from college, and achieve their dreams!


The case and need for college readiness is great.  To list all the reasons as to why to prepare effectively for the college experience is one that researchers, scholars, and academicians have spent limitless hours trying to tackle.  With our Bridge Building formula, we personalize our coaching and services for students so that they can create a plan that supports success in college and beyond.

To learn more, contact us at (832) 746-9760, or


Current Coaching Vacancies: Three (3) as of 09/01/2018

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