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Ron Klinger, Founder-CEO of Motivational Transitions, is a licensed practitioner and distributor of Insights Discovery. 

Insights Discovery is a personality preference tool that was created and modeled off the work of Dr. Carl Jung.  Insights Discovery is a tool that was created to:

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • Increase awareness and understanding of others.

  • Allow individuals/groups to develop interpersonal strategies to adapt and connect with one another.

  • Promote effective action and outcomes.

To learn how to bring Insights Discovery to your team, click on the CONTACT Us Today button to the right.

Learn more about the possibilities of Insights Discovery...

Learn about the endless possibilities of bringing Insights Discovery to your team or organization.  

Are you interested in more meaningful relationships in the workplace?

How about your team more readily achieving their goals?

Below is a sample profile as well as other resources that demonstrate the power of Insights Discovery

Engaging and useful learning aids and tools can include:
Intro Video to Insights Discovery
Team Effectiveness with Insights Discovery
Team Effectiveness with Insights Discovery
Endless Possibilities...Insights Discovery
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