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Ron Klinger and Motivational Transitions

"5 Steps to Find Focus and Balance in Your Life"

Life is a juggle, don't struggle!!

For many, finding focus and balance in life can be like searching for the holy grail of sanity! Join Ron Klinger, Chief Engagement Officer of Motivational Transitions, and host of the Unleashed Radio Hour for a power packed, highly engaging webinar, with real world steps to help you
find focus and balance in your life.

Seats are limited...claim yours today!

Presented by

Ron Klinger
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About the Live Webinar...

For the nominal registration fee of $25 participants will...

  • Learn 5 tried and tested strategies for gaining clarity on what matters most.

  • Be highly engaged to "get their house in order".

  • Create targeted action plans that will bring a wave of results!

Time left until webinar starts...

September 17th

@ 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific

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