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Meaningful Reading-The Carpenter

I have always had the belief that, regardless of the many roles we are called to serve, we are products of what read. Be you a business owner, manager, leader, or a coach, are you adding information and tools to your craft? Are you able to create a masterpiece in all you do day in, and day out?

I recently began reading the book, The Carpenter by Jon Gordon. It is a story about the greatest success strategies of all, as the subtitle suggest, but to me it is much more. I started reading the book because I got it on sale. Yep, 2017 let's start a new read. The goal was simple, add more information and resources to my tool kit. Little did I know it would impact me on a deeper level.

One of my favorite parts of the book so far, I'm not quite done but was compelled to share, is the following direct quote from the book:

"But I tell them, them there's no such thing as an overnight success. The way to success is the way of the craftsman, where you work really hard for years. You show up every day. You do the work. You see yourself as an artist dedicated to your craft with a desire to get better every day."

As I plug through the rest of this great read, the above statement will stay with me. In today's instant gratification society the expectations are high that results are produced immediately. I am really enjoying the messages in The Carpenter as they are a reminder to be grounded in purpose in our actions. That anything worth doing takes time and hard work. Nothing is handed to us. We must work to create that which we want. There is no such thing as overnight success. In this I am reminded of the following:

"Nothing worth doing is ever easy." -unknown

Stay tuned for more updates as I plug through the rest of the book.

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